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Legal Services for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Malaysia

Legal Services for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Malaysia

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L Y Lu & Co has extensive experience in providing legal services to foreign corporations direct investment in Malaysia. We assist our clients over each individual stage of their projects as well as throughout the entire investment process.

Over the years of practice, we have developed an effective working system to fast track the processes of setting up company and commencing operation in Malaysia. The processes includes establishing of new company or representative office in Malaysia, regularize the paid up capital, applying for business licenses and other permits relevant to client’s line of business, applying for working permits, and opening and maintaining reference files with the relevant authorities.

We advise our clients in determining the most effective structuring of their deals, assist in the evaluation of potential business partners and locations and perform due diligence on target companies or assets. Additionally, we draft, review and comment on transactional documents, negotiate all terms of these documents on our client’s behalf, and monitor the complete investment or divestment process for our clients in order to safeguard against possible pitfalls. Our experience enables us to help clients effortlessly navigate through the often complicated project process.

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